Soleil Art Therapy – re-opening in September, 2022. Specifically serving fresh to well-lived women alike (and those who identify as such).

Diploma in Fine Arts, BA-Studio Art, BEd-Visual Art, MEd-Arts Education, Advanced Post-Graduate Diploma in Art Therapy (DVATI)

Meet Susy Baranszky-Job: I am a certified professional art therapist in South Delta (Ladner), British Columbia. Art therapy is about personal exploration and healing through the act of creating. Life transitions, tensions, trauma and transformations can be explored and together, with messy visual expression, we can:

  • Face grief, loss, failure and seek hope.
  • Open communication in relationships.
  • Renew personal and artistic expansion and exploration.,
  • Create mind-body connections, focus and mindfulness.
  • Explore the subconscious and existential matters.
  • Manage emotions and behavior.
  • Create life balance through self care.
  • for feminist empowerment

 Please explore this site for further thoughts and information on my private practice.