About Susy

Susy_Headshots-04Diploma in Fine Arts, B.A-Studio art, B.Ed-visual art, M.Ed-Arts Education, Certified Professional Art Therapist.

About me as an art therapist: I am a studio based art therapist who ties my philosophy of my art therapy practice with a humanistic, phenomenological approach that is strongly tied to person centered growth and direction. I  follow an existential model in my practice whereupon the client through visual art are able to playfully, deeply and bravely seek meaning in life by exploring questions such as, “what is the meaning of life” and what “the heck just happened?” and “Why would I dream that?”  Through prompts, personal explorations, play I encourage my clients to reach within themselves for the answers; while in the studio, clients are encouraged to practice mindful and centred creative growth, exploration and healing, embrace the surprise with a good dose of mucking about to be sure.

A bit about me in general: I grew up on the west side of Vancouver, British Columbia, adventured about in between, and now live in a coastal village in South Delta. I have been creating and teaching art forever and ever. As an artist, I primarily paint, but also enjoy getting  my hands dirty with a fabulous ball of clay.

Boating in the waters off the coast, spotting wildlife at cabins, getting lost abroad, dragging geriatric dogs about, and obsessively loving my brilliant blended family all contribute to the visual musings of my messy mind. Finally, I profoundly believe in the power of art, play, breathing and contemplation…and dogs… I believe in dogs.

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Professional affiliations: Canadian Federation of Artists/ BC Art Teachers Association / National Art Educators Association / BC College of Teachers / Canadian Society of Education through Art / Canadian Art Therapy Association/BC Art Therapy Association